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State of the Art Stereo Optical Recording Electronics

The Nuoptix Stereo Optical Recording Electronics are the worldwide industry standard for recording motion picture optical sound tracks. The optical sound tracks for every major motion picture in the world are recorded on film with the Nuoptix electronics.


DTS Timecode Generator (top unit)
SORS/D Record Electronics (middle unit)
AOS Auxiliary Electronics (bottom unit)
  • Dual Digital Level and Track Dimension Readouts.
  • Precision 10-turn Controls for Bias, Set-up and Audio Level.
  • Direct and P.E.C Monitor, Stereo or Monaural.
  • Automatic Forward-Reverse Bias for End Test.
  • Constant Current Exposure Lamp Power Supply with Digital Read out for exact repeatability.
  • Digitally generated Test Tones and Cross Modulation Test signals for precise quality control.
  • Pre-focused base Quality Halogen High Output Lamp Assembly.
  • All inter-connections on XLR connections for easy servicing.
  • Anticipatory Noise Reduction using a Stereo Digital Audio Delay Line.
  • Pink Noise Test Signal.

System Approach

Nuoptix has taken the problems historically associated with optical sound tracks and solved them with an integrated system.

The Nuoptix SORS/D controls each of the four ribbons of the Nuoptix Stereo Light Valve individually. The Nuoptix recording package uses a Stereo photocell to monitor the exact amount of light transmitted by the Stereo Light Valve so that the SORS/D dual digital read-outs can display the actual dimensions of the tracks and provide audio monitoring of the recording process.

The digital monitoring provides precise feedback for adjusting track spacing and bias line size accurately and easily, which greatly improves the sound quality. The ribbon displacement controls allow the system to make monaural or stereo recordings, at the flip of a switch, without compromising either format.

The Nuoptix SORS/D utilizes a digital anticipatory noise reduction. This feature, the hallmark of all Nuoptix systems, eliminated the transient distortion and the muted sound of older optical recording systems.

Each Nuoptix system includes an Auxiliary Optical System (AOS) which completes the electronic package. The AOS features a digital metered Constant Current Recording Lamp Power Supply and digital Test Signal Generator with true Pink Noise.

Nuoptix also offers a complete conversion of a monaural 1231 type Light Valve recorders to Stereo. We convert your old monaural valve to a Nuoptix Stereo valve and realign the optical system. The conversion also includes stereo photocells, photocell preamplifier, and a two-axis quartz halogen lamp assembly. With each system, our engineers align and calibrate the equipment then provide personal training for you and your engineers at our facility.

Pricing Guide

For prices on Nuoptix stereo electronics, light valves, and additional equipment
for stereo optical transfer operations, please see our pricing guide.

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